Gah, that was harder than I thought. For seven days (it should’ve been 10 but I got bored) I posted something very normal I do every day on Instagram and Facebook as a kind of antithesis of the perfect, exciting, fun lives we usually see of others through social media that I talked about here A Complicated Relationship With Social Media

During that seven days, I swam outside on all but one day. I did a cold water CPD session where I got to help people who were hoping to complete an ice mile swim. They didn’t manage it, the water was too warm at 5.7C but I did witness them after swimming just over 1km. Their determination to complete it and the suffering they undergo afterwards was quite something else to see and support. I had an amazing swim on the top of the moors in the dark on my way home. I spent a couple of exciting hours planning for our new open water venue in 2020 after the loss of our usual water at Toddbrook.

All things I would usually have shared on social media.

It got me thinking about why I share all this stuff.

I often berate myself that I must be that annoying person showing off their exciting life. Maybe I am? Maybe that’s how some people look at my posts? It’s perfectly feasible that people have stopped following me because of it and I’m happily oblivious.

Am I looking for verification of my life from others?

Am I looking for interaction from others at a time in my life when I actually spend a lot of time alone?

I’m not entirely sure.

So what prompts me to share something?

I think I’m so in love and so passionate about some of the stuff I do that I just want to shout it from the rooftops. To shout out loud “look at this awesome thing, it’s ace, come and do it too!”.

Is that showing off? I don’t know. It’s certainly never my intent.

What I have learnt by posting normal stuff every day and the decade rundown I did in December (The End Of A Decade) is that actually, right now, my life is pretty flipping good. I’m incredibly lucky to have a happy, healthy family, a husband who’s been and continues to be happy to support me so that I can stay at home, look after the kids and spend some time working out what the heck I want to do with the rest of my life. I have amazing friends, I live in a lovely village, I have open countryside on my doorstep, I have a warm roof over my head. We’re not exactly flush on the cash front but we’re fine, we don’t really want for much in our house.

My everyday normality is interspersed by microadventures, swims, hills, a bit of time to write this blog, think about the future, read and more recently listen to some really good podcasts.

What I definitely need to start doing more is acknowledging that goodness. I’m often looking ahead. What’s happening next? Where can I go with this thing next? What can I do to help the climate/help someone swim/plan where I’ll be when I’m 80. So much so that I often forget how fortunate I am now and to enjoy it for what it is right now, not what it might lead to in the future.

So, with that in mind I’ll go back to posting about the things I love and the things I’m passionate about and stop boring you all with pictures of toilets and kids shoes. And I’m going to try really, really hard to remember that social media is the glorious tiny tip of an iceberg of someone’s life. The rest of the normal, dull, everyday stuff’s still there under the water……………I might need reminding once in a while though!

And if you’re sick of seeing my posts feel free to unfollow me, I honestly won’t be offended.





2 Replies to “Normality………….”

  1. I love your posts! You certainly don’t come across as a show off, just sharing your passion which then encourages & motivates others ( well, me anyway!) Thank you for sharing & please do continue x


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