Thank You Weather

water fight 2

This week has been the first of the school holidays. I look forward to it with joy and dread. No school runs, no frantic “put your shoes on”, no 9 to 3 time restriction. I get to spend leisurely time with the boys when we’re not having to rush anywhere or they’re tired and grumpy from school. Equally this time of year fills a lot of parents, myself included, with dread. What on earth am I going to do with them for 6 whole, no make that nearly 7 weeks?!?! That’s a long time to spend in the company of the same people every waking hour.

I know I’m lucky that my job means I don’t have to worry about childcare, I don’t teach over the holidays, but that’s still a lot of time to spend stopping them trying to kill each other or listening to endless “I’m bored” on repeat.

We have stuff we need to do over the holidays. New school clothes, shoes and the like. We have two-ish weeks away planned. So that leaves me with 4 weeks to fill. A plan of action starts to form but often that’s weather dependant. Trips out, some close to home, some further afield. Activities we can do at home, both inside and out.

And as per usual, right on cue, after a couple of weeks of dry weather it rained on their last day of school. Usually an omen of things to come. But this time it’s not followed through. For once, a heat wave has hit the first week of the school holidays.

It’s when this kind of weather hits that I really, really love where I live.

We’ve left the village only once this week and even that was only to pay a visit to the next village along to visit a favourite big slide.

We’ve had epic water fights, multiple paddleboard adventures with friends in our local reservoir, picnics and explorations in the woods on our estate. A fabulous first week that wouldn’t have happened without the weather but also our location. Awesome friends and easy to reach locations right on our doorstep.

I really do love where I live. Thanks for an amazing week of weather world, even if you throw your worst at me now I feel like I’ve managed at least one week of awesome memory making fun for us all. One week down 5 (and an half) more to fill 😉

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