The Good Days

IMG_0126I live a very normal, often rather boring life. School runs, shopping, laundry, cleaning, a bit of teaching kids not to drown. No different to many parents around the world.

On some days though the stars align to create one of those perfect days. They don’t necessarily have to be exciting, adventurous days (though they are pretty awesome) or even productive ones. Just ones that fill you with happiness.

Today was one of those days.

The kids finished for the Easter holidays this afternoon but I finished last week, so my normal frantic Friday morning cramming everything in before my afternoon shift was free for once.

This morning I drank multiple coffees with friends and ate the biggest, most delicious hunk of carrot cake I’ve ever eaten. We eventually conceded that our leisurely morning should probably come to an end when we realised they needed our table for the lunch time visitors that were starting to arrive. And of course I had a reason to leave…………a lunchtime dip.

Fuelled solely by coffee and cake I met The Short One, and accompanied by a last minute addition of Pip on a paddle-board (she’d been with me for coffee and decided paddle boarding was a better option than cleaning), off we went. The Short One on a pre-race training plan based mission, Pip trying desperately to not fall in (or be pushed in) and me.

The water’s slowly warming up so whilst I’m still in a lot of neoprene, it’s warm enough to stop and enjoy the view now. This morning’s sun had disappeared beneath the clouds but it didn’t matter. Spring is here, the birds are twittering, buds are bursting, the water tastes fresh.

40 minutes of water based joy. My lips were numb and I struggled to speak when I got out but the rest of me was chilled just right. Not too cold, but cold enough to enjoy the Zing it brings.

I often feel guilty for taking time for myself, consumed in the modern day err towards busyness and constant productivity. Always feeling like I should be achieving something.

One of the big things I learned last year though is that it’s OK to take that time for myself and indulge in what I enjoy once in a while. It’s good for my mental health. If my mental health isn’t good, the rest of life may as well just do one. I can’t get away from the fact that my PMDD is there and I’ve finally conceded I have to manage it so I’m learning to take that time to keep my head straight for mine and everyone else’s benefit.

What am I saying here? Well, I guess life can be boring and sometimes a bit shit but if you get the chance to take a break and do something you love, do it. Grasp that opportunity by the horns. It doesn’t matter what it is, whatever you love just go and do it when you get the chance. You’ll never regret it and it might just set you up to tackle the boring guff that bit easier.


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