‘Tis The Season Day 23 – Christmas Pressies

I can always find something I need or would like to add to my swim kit. A new bit of kit, new goggles, a new cozzy, something smelly and neopreney. I believe it’s called GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Common amongst all sports across the world I believe.

I really do try to be a minimalist swimmer and only have the essentials, but winter swimming has required the addition of some new kit to my go box. I’ve snuck a few bits in myself so far this winter but Christmas is the perfect occasion to request that extra something for my box.

In previous years I’ve had my Dryrobe as a present. Particularly festive as it’s bright red. I flounced around pretending to be Santa until I started to get heatstroke. Other years I’ve has swimming costumes, goggles and hats. This year it’s a new neoprene vest and some particularly cosy wrist warmers.

At my age it’s generally easier to just buy it myself and inform the Husband what he’s bought me. I do request that he at least wraps it for me though. This year, a particular highlight in the romantic Wheway house, I brought said gifts down for him (whilst I was wrapping everything else) and he wrapped them in front of me. Oh well, he tolerates my general swimming based ridiculousness, I shouldn’t expect surprises as well 😉


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