‘Tis the Season Day 17 – Seize the Day


I’ve never been great at seizing the day. I’m cautious, I always think things through before I say yes to them. When someone says “do you fancy doing x on x day?” some people say “yes, definitely, that sounds awesome”. I rarely do, I’m always a “let me think about it” kind of a person. I probably come across as incredibly boring as a result but I’m more comfortable knowing that I won’t have to let someone down at a later date or suddenly realise it’s something I definitely can’t do!

Swimming however has imbued such an enthusiasm and passion in me that it’s the one thing that I’ll go “yes, of course, sign me up” to. The chance to go and do something I love, it always comes with a yes………once I’ve checked my calendar of course.

Winter swimming is definitely the place for “seize the day”. With changeable weather and sometimes limited opportunities to swim, if you get the chance, take it. Some of our best swims have been those mad dashes out of the door to make the most of the sun, snow or stars. My favourite though is still the day I messaged The Short One to say there was thick ice on one of our local reservoirs. We’d never broken through proper ice before. I told her I’d pick her up on my way past in 15 minutes!

It was the most perfect adventure. Sunny and cold but windless. We worked out if we could break though. Yes but only under the trees, the rest was thick enough to walk on. With large stick in hand we bashed our way through whilst our legs froze. We could only get as far as waist deep and there was no swimming involved. We ducked our shoulders under for a photo then waded back out. Elated, laughing, skin as red as lobsters we dashed out and made snow angels in the thin layer of snow that was left on the ground from the day before. A completely bonkers half an hour. I’ll never forget it. It just proves that a micro-adventure in your own backyard can be just as fun as a multi-day expedition.

I know we’re incredibly lucky to have all of this on our doorsteps and to be available during the day to take such off the cuff trips. But even if you’re not as lucky as us, if it’s something you love, take those chances, you won’t regret it!

I’m doing something rather exciting tomorrow that was a result of “seize the day”, hopefully I’ll be able to share that soon too!



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