Swimwear #1 – ’tis the season day 2

Over winter we have two swim kits. One for attempting a proper, head in, 20 minute front crawl swim. The other for a quick adrenaline rush. The short one and I have started to refer to them as the ‘Full Gimp’ and the ‘Polar Bear’.

Today’s entry relates to the full gimp.  A beautiesness of full coverage. It involves a large quantity of neoprene; swimsuit, neoprene vest, thermal rash vest, full wetsuit, neoprene gloves, neoprene socks, silicon hat and most importantly a neoprene balaclava. The short one has only a very small portion of skin on her face exposed to the water in full gimp. Everything else overlaps to give full coverage. I alas have a few small gaps. Thanks to my overly lengthy arms and legs I have a few small slivers of skin still exposed. However, the crowning glory of our gimp kit is our balaclavas. Never before have I been so excited by a piece of rubber that would so heavily cover my head and neck. Warm head, neck, ears, chin, and forehead. Such joy!


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