Open Water Wheway

I’m Suzie, a pretty standard Mum to two boys, James and Ben, and wife to the ever patient and encouraging Paul. We live on the North West edge of the Peak District. I have a very normal life, doing all the day to day boring stuff everyone else has to do. I have ups and downs, frustrations and problems just like everyone else.

I got back to swimming in 2015 and discovered open water in 2016. I soon became hooked! It’s my freedom from the day to day grind of normal life and thanks to a few very good friends who also got hooked it’s become a big part of my life.

When I swim, in that quiet, peaceful time when your face is in and you can’t talk to anyone or do anything else but move your arms around, my mind wanders. It has the freedom to think that it rarely gets in the rest of my waking hours. It sometimes goes into overdrive planning all the things I can do that day, week, year. Some of it gets followed through, most of it doesn’t. However, a lot of it revolves around swimming. Conversations I’ve had, swims I’ve done, swims I want to do. Sometimes it comes down to the basics of how much cake have I earned on this swim?

Eventually I realised I write pretty much a whole blog post on each swim I do so I figured I may as well share it. It helps to clear my head. So this blog is a reflection of my swimming viewpoint mixed in with whatever I fancy posting when I get chance. In today’s world of social media perfection where only the highlights of people’s lives are published please remember this blog is about the highlights, the good bits, the bits I’ve loved. The boring stuff still goes on in the background! Thanks for reading.



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